Altra Running

Altra Web Site
Altra’s shoes have contributed to Breanna’s success on more than one occasion. Happy feet = a happy time on the trail.

Breanna is very excited to wear Altra’s Lone Peak Mids (both the Mesh and Neo Shell) for the duration of the All-In Trek. Altra’s foot-shaped toe box, zero drop, and awesome tred are what make this shoe Breanna’s choice for the trail.

Breanna is very thankful to have the support of Altra while on this adventure!


PetPace Web Site

Sophie is proud to be able to sport the PetPace collar throughout the All-In Trek. The PetPace collar reports Sophie’s vitals to Breanna’s phone, so she can see how Sophie is feeling; if she is stressed, sick, or even if she feels great! It can send alerts to her phone to notify Breanna when Sophie’s metrics have met a threshold.

Breanna and Sophie are happy to partner with PetPace to help provide feedback for their technology and educate about canine health and fitness while on the trail!

The Web Development Company

TWDC Web Site
Of course we need to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to The Web Development Company for donating their time in the creation of this site! If you like what you see and are interested in developing a website, please reach out to the Web Development Company to see if they can meet your needs!

Ray Zahab

Ray's Web Site

Ray Zahab, adventurer and co-founder of impossible2Possible, has been an unwavering supporter and amazing coach throughout all of Breanna’s endeavours. Breanna and Sophie would not be able to do the All-In Trek without Ray’s investment and support. THANK YOU RAY!